We need more volunteers!Volunteering at the Denver Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen

Volunteering is a wonderful way to help our neighbors and community. We are always in need of volunteer shoppers, cooks for our cooking teams, and servers. If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the word “email” below. Please leave your contact information and availability, and someone will contact you.


A Volunteer’s Story

Volunteers cite many reasons for their commitment to the Denver Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen and those we serve: an opportunity to work in a community of other committed volunteers, the insights it brings into their own lives, a chance to be of service to others, and the opportunity to address an issue of basic social justice. All of us recognize that the gifts received in this service are equal to those given. Here is one volunteer’s story:

I think it was love at first sight. Is that possible when first sight is an old church basement, where we prepare food? Second sight is a group of people, many of whom spent the previous night on the streets. Yes, it’s possible. Now Soup Kitchen is my passion. I can’t remember if I’ve done this for five or six years—it doesn’t matter. I was motivated by a sense that everyone should have enough to eat and a notice in my church bulletin. I couldn’t have imagined where all of this would lead. My fellow volunteers are amazing. Just regular people who operate above and beyond. Come join us. You will be so welcome.

Contact Us

Mailing address for Denver Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen, Inc. • c/o Mary Romine • P.O. Box 27255 • Denver, Colorado 80227